About Fepco Group

In 2009, Fepco Engineering Group was established by Iranian specialists and engineers with the aim of implementing petrochemical and refining projects, energy transmission lines as well as solar power and renewable energy projects. Challenges in this path and our commitment to serving fellow citizens led us to enter the construction and mass construction industry and take steps towards creating quality and safe homes.

 Since the beginning of our activities, the main goal of Fepco Engineering Group has been to create a revolution in the country’s industry, which has now been made possible by relying on the knowledge of the engineers in this group.

 At present, development of mass construction projects, offering engineering consulting services for more than 180,000 square meters of building foundation in architecture, structure and installations, and industrial productions such as industrial storage tanks and various chillers are our most important services and activities. We take pride in our experience, expertise and commitment to quality and emphasize on quality implementation. 

These features have led Fepco’s customers to stay in touch with us and benefit from quality Iranian products and services.

The services and activities of Fepco Engineering Group in the field of industry and construction industry

  • The main contractor of Shiraz solar power plant from the year 2006 to 2009
  • Collaboration in phases 7 and 8, Asaluyeh, in the field of piping and exchangers.
  • Establishment of factories and production lines for industrial screws and bolts in Hassanabad Industrial Town, Tehran.
  • Consultation and implementation of the metal structure for the 2000-unit project in Mahshahr.
  • Contractor for the 400-unit project of the Mehr Housing Foundation in Marvdasht.
  • Consultant and contractor for the 1500-unit project of the Nahaja Cooperative Foundation at the Pedestrian Training Center.
  • Contractor and consultant for the 550-unit project of the Kazerun Barracks.
  • Investor, consultant, contractor, and operator for the 600-unit project of FPCO.