FEPCO products

It operates industrial tanks, ready-mixed concrete, anti-theft doors, clamshells, and prefabricated metal frames. Having experience and expertise in these fields, this company is known as one of the most reliable and leading industrial companies in Iran. In the following, we discuss some of the main products of this company:

  1. Industrial tanks: Fepco has a lot of expertise in the field of industrial tanks production. These tanks are usually produced from various materials such as steel, steel, or polyethylene and are used as safe and effective storage of various liquids.
  2. Ready-mixed concrete: Fepco produces ready-mixed concrete using advanced processes. These concretes are usually used to build various structures including buildings, bridges, and civil projects.
  3. Anti-theft doors: Anti-theft doors produced by FEPCO are used to increase the security of buildings and various places. These doors are produced using resistant materials such as steel and advanced locking systems.
  4. Climbers: Climbers are another important product of FEPCO. These products are used as modern and resistant coatings in buildings to prevent water penetration and protect structures against atmospheric factors.
  5. Prefabricated metal framework: Fepco company produces prefabricated metal frameworks that are used to build various structures, including buildings and industrial structures. These skeletons are produced with high precision and using modern technologies.
  6. Concrete parts: Concrete parts are also one of the important products of Fepco. These parts include various types of concrete products such as concrete blocks, concrete beams, and concrete panels that are used in buildings and construction projects for construction. The production of quality concrete parts and the use of materials with appropriate strength and resistance play a very important role in the safety and stability of structures, and Fepco is known as one of the reliable and experienced manufacturers in this field.


By focusing on the quality of its products and services, Fepco has been able to be recognized in the construction industry and the industry of tanks and similar products and is considered as one of the reliable choices in these fields in the domestic and international market.

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