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We work as one of the largest industrial groups in the construction field in Iran at Fepco Holding. Our pride lies in going beyond borders with the help of our specialized engineers to expand our activities in Canada (Lasting Oak) and UAE (MAPLE). With a focus on this crucial field, we provide construction and renovation activities for major projects in these areas. With the progress of technology and the growing importance of software systems, Fepco Holding has taken a step forward by establishing Taav System as one of its key subsidiaries. Currently, the Taav System engineering team focuses on producing software and mobile applications, managing impactful projects in this field.

Fepco story

FEPCO Engineering Group is one of the largest mass builders in Iran’s construction industry, which was established with the purpose of mass housing construction in Shiraz. During the years of our activity, we have completed many projects in various fields of engineering, including the construction of residential complexes.

We have always tried to provide quality and standard products and services to our customers by using expert and experienced forces and using modern technologies.

Currently, the 600-unit Sadra project located in the north of Shiraz is one of the important construction projects of FEPCO Engineering Group, most of which has been put into operation.

Vision and goals of FEPCO

Initiative and innovation: Our goal is more than just implementing a project. We seek initiative and innovation at every stage from design to execution, to deliver projects that simultaneously meet the needs of today and the future.

Superior quality: In FEPCO engineering group, quality is of great importance. From selecting the best materials and technologies and manufacturing our needs to closely monitoring each stage of construction, our goal is to provide superior quality results.

Environment and sustainability: we are responsible for the future! In this regard, we are always looking for projects that, in addition to satisfying customers, have a sustainable attitude towards the environment.

Consulting in construction

The first step in building a dream house is consulting with experts and experienced people. FEPCO Engineering Group is by your side to listen to your deep needs and desires and fulfill them. We rely on our specialized knowledge and experience to offer you solutions that are based on the best standards and innovations of the construction world. have became.

From design to execution

From design to execution, from choosing the best materials to creating sustainable infrastructure, we always aim to be the best.

Architectural Design

In FEPCO engineering group, using modern designs and in harmony with Iranian traditions, the interior spaces of buildings are designed in such a way to maintain the comfort and peace of people in them. Using proper lighting and creating light-filled spaces, separating building spaces using Iranian architectural patterns, focusing on privacy are the basic principles in the interior design of our structures.
One of the most important services of FEPCO Engineering Group is engineering design and consulting. This service includes investigating and solving technical problems, planning construction operations and providing engineering solutions and developing project plans.
Our expertise is in creating stable and resistant structures. Using our knowledge and experience, we design modern structures using new technologies. Our goal is to create structures that, in addition to beauty, also have high safety and stability.
At FEPCO Engineering Group, our goal is to create unique architectural solutions that meet user and environmental needs along with beauty. From initial visualization to advanced ideation, we create structures that drive transformation and innovation in the architecture industry.
Our goal is to provide facades that, in addition to being attractive, reflect the identity and use of the building, and conform to the principles of engineering and design. From the details of the facade of the building to the way the facade is lit at different times of the day, we create amazing facades.

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